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Dating Articles

How to use myanmardate IM tool

(Post date: 2007-03-14)
Hello, Dear Myanmardate members, We got a lot of request from member to assist on how to use IM tool to chat with online member. So, we create a demo page and post here for your convenience. http://www.myanmardate.com/How_To_Use_IM1.php Check it out and you will find how great it is. Enjoy!!!! Greg moderator myanmardate

Good photos improve your dating odds

(Post date: 2007-02-13)
Everyone knows that profiles with photos get way more responses. So put your best face forward, add a photo to your personal profile, and watch the responses pour in. Read these tips to learn how to post the best photo possible. Need tips for your profile description? * Read our Guidelines. Do this before you post a photo so you can be sure that it will get posted on the site. All photos are...

You should not post your photo if----

(Post date: 2007-02-13)
Do not post a primary photo if: * you are not in it * your face is not clear * it contains an image of you as a child * it contains more than two recognizable people * it is something other than a JPG file * it includes contact info * it is not rightside-up * it is a "collage" of images * it is a duplicate of another photo * it is larger than 5MB...

Do It Yourself Sexy Valentine's Day Gifts

(Post date: 2007-02-10)
Do It Yourself Sexy Valentine's Day Gifts by Cory Silverberg Homemade Valentine's Gifts Valentineís Day is a contradictory affair. On the one hand, itís a huge commercial enterprise, with Valentineís Day spending expected to be over $13 billion, in the U.S. alone. On the other hand, as the history of Valentineís Day tells it, itís all about expressing feelings of love and focusing attention ...

The Mood of Valentines Day

(Post date: 2007-02-10)
The Mood of Valentines Day by: CDMohatta Mood. This is something very complicated. One moment, we are in mood to go out and meet some friends, and the next moment our mood changes. Mood is a state of mind and as most of us have no control over our minds, our mood changes from sad to happy. Valentines day is coming. One can not forget to be in the right mood for that day. Isnt it? How to d...

Perfect Photo

(Post date: 2006-12-04)
There are very few online personal sites that do not allow you to upload a photo to accompany your profile. In fact, most singles websites encourage it to optimize your online dating experience, as profiles with photos get viewed more frequently than profiles without photos. So, any photo will do, right? Wrong. Choosing the best photo (or photos, when a site allows you to use more than one) to ...


(Post date: 2006-12-04)
Whether it's done with a seductive glance or a tragically lame pickup line, flirting is the crucial first step of the dating ladder. It's the vital interaction that can either make or break our chances to form a new relationship (no matter how casual that relationship may end up being). For some lucky people, flirting happens, as naturally as breathing; for others, the mere thought of it is enough...

Dating Etiquette

(Post date: 2006-01-16)
Dating Etiquette When you begin dating, you must recognize that there are some major rules of thumb to follow that will help you be successful with others. Dating is about two people coming together to see whether they are compatible and then enjoying each other's company so that they may move towards forming a close bond. In doing so there are things that you should remember Dating s...
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