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Myanmardate Frequently Asked Questions 

What is online dating and how does it work?
It is a fast, safe, fun and above all highly effective way of meeting your ideal partner, contacting and meeting other singles looking for a relationship has never been so easy! To search for other members all you need to do is register as a Standard Member yourself. To do this simply Click Here to perform a Search.
You will then be asked to complete a short form to Become a Member. Other members will then be able to view your profile and send messages to you using the anonymous messaging system. You will receive your unique Account ID and Password as soon as you have become a Standard Member allowing you to access the site's huge database of singles in YOUR area. Personal details such as your real email address will always remain anonymous.

How do I join?
Joining couldn't be simpler and it's totally FREE! You don't have to spend hours filling in long forms about every intricacy of your personality. Simply enter your email address and choose a password and your unique login details will be emailed straight to you. Don't worry, your email address will be kept completely private and will never appear to other members. Once you have logged in you can add your profile for free and start searching for people from your area.

It's so easy... Click Here to Join for FREE!

Is it safe?
Yes, meeting people via our dating service is probably the safest form of meeting your ideal partner. You never have to give any personal details (such as your real email address, telephone number or home address) to anyone unless you wish to do so and all correspondence is done via our anonymous messaging facility.

For added safety follow these simple rules:

  1. Never give your home address, email address or telephone number to a stranger.
  2. Always arrange to meet in a very public place, i.e. a Pub or Restaurant. Never invite a stranger to your home.
  3. Always tell someone else where you are going and approximately what time you will be back home.
  4. Above all use your common sense, if you are unsure about meeting someone then don't, your instincts are usually right.

Does it cost anything to join?
You don't have to pay anything to get full service.YES, it's 100% FREE! )

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