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Privacy policy 


We value the privacy of our visitors and customers, and have structured our online activities to protect your privacy and let you be in control of what information you choose to disclose.

Myanmardate.com is strongly committed to providing all of our visitors and members the utmost online security by following through with our privacy act policies and practices.

We want your time with us spent meeting new people and not worrying about your privacy. Therefore, we have an extremely simple policy.

1.. All acceptable information you give us for display on your Personal Profile will be displayed on your Personal Profile. We will remove any bad language and rude photographs in the interests of a pleasant environment.

2... Any information you give us that is not for display on your Personal Profile, such as your Name or Date of Birth, will be kept strictly private. Whenever we ask for information, we make it very clear whether it's for display or not.

3... We will never sell or otherwise share your name, email address, or other personal information with any other business or marketing campaign without your permission.

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